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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Something to ponder about

One day, two friends were walking down in the park. Then they found a bench to sit on to eat their sandwiches in front of a pond. While eating, one friend told this to the other on a topic about God. This is the dialog:

Friend A: "God created everything right?"

Friend B: "Yes. Why?"

Friend A: "Then God also created evil right? So that means God is evil."

Friend B: "And why did you say that?"

Friend A: "If God created everything, including evil, so that means God is evil. That's a valid reason if you think about it."

Friend B: "Then let me ask you this question. Does cold exist?"

Friend A: "Yes. We feel cold. Especially during winter."

Friend B: "Nope. Cold does not exist. According to the law of physics, what we consider cold is actually the absence of heat."

Friend A: "But... Hmmm...True. That makes sense."

Friend B: "Now, does darkness exist?"

Friend A: "Yes. We can't see when we are in the dark. So darkness does exist."

Friend B: "Wrong again. Darkness does not exist actually. Darkness in reality is the absence of light. For example, when you went into the toilet during night time, and you forgot to turn on the light, can you see anything? No right. So actually darkness in reality is the absence of light. In fact, we can study light, but not darkness. Am I wrong?"

Friend A: "No no. You are correct on that."

Friend B: "So if I say that evil does not exist, just like darkness and cold. And God did not create evil. What say you?"

Friend A: "I would ask "why?" of course. Why did you say that? I mean we can see very clearly what the world has become nowadays. Evil is everywhere. So why did you say evil does not exist?"

Friend B: "Because my friend, evil is the result of what happens when a person, does not have God's love present in his heart. That is why the person become evil."

The two friends stop their conversation and smiled at each other while eating their sandwiches and enjoying the view of the pond in the park.

Moral of the story is, evil comes from the absence of God's love in out heart. If God did not love us, then we need to seek forgiveness from God as soon as possible. You can feel it actually when you are not love by God. So think about it.

Just something for the mind to ponder  =)

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